Clinical Pathways GPS

As a retail provider, CVS not only has its pharmacies, which have prescribing authority in several states and can act as treatment providers in certain areas, such as vaccination. It also has the ability to operate clinics in many locations.
As organizations new to pathways look to develop their processes, it is highly beneficial to examine the foundations used by leaders within each therapeutic area of interest.
Using clinical pathways to direct exactly where and when care can be best provided is critical to population health management success.
For clinical pathways to be most effective, they need to accommodate many external factors impacting patients.
President Donald J Trump’s selection of Scott Gottlieb, MD, to lead the FDA has ushered in a new direction for the government agency, which is likely to alter the availability and use of pharmaceuticals in the United States.
Should the Trump administration succeed in rolling back many ACA key policies, clinical pathways will need to mitigate the costs from patients, providers and payers.
The preparatory precautions detailed in this column serve to raise awareness of the specific needs to older adults during travel.
Clinical pathways that allow for differences in patient goals and preferences will be better positioned to achieve the Triple Aim.
The author highlights the potential benefits of prescribing specific sites of care in clinical pathways.