health care reform

A recent literature review analyzed the alternative payment models used in the real world and how they have affected the quality of oncology care.
The rate of mammogram use increased by nearly 6% among older patients who were recommended for screening after the Affordable Care Act eliminated co-payments.
A recent study identified substantial barriers to standard-of-care therapy for limited-stage small cell lung cancer, including government insurance coverage.
The pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts has signaled its embrace of value-based care with its announced purchase of eviCore.
Using principles of pathways, the paper explores a framework for a restructuring health care that aligns design, delivery, governance, and administration to reconnect providers, caregivers, and patients; improve quality and safety; and continue to lower cost of care.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Alex W Bastian, MBA, strategic advisor, ASCO Value In Cancer Task Force, about how his role in the Task Force has impacted his views concerning value-based care, health care reform, and clinical pathways.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil, professor and deputy chair of the department of radiation oncology.
Health care delivery is always in flux, but treatment advances have introduced new variables into the health care continuum that were unthinkable even a decade ago.