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Multiple Community Practices Adopt Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology

October 31, 2018

The Urology Group (TUG) and Michigan Institute of Urology are replacing their legacy electronic health records (EHRs) with Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology.

Urology specialists require customized, purpose-built IT solutions for their specific workflows as they transition to value-based care payment models. Integra Connect—a leader in technology and services for value-based specialty care—has designed an EHR Solution for Urology specific for urologists. Integra Connect recently launched its EHR Solution for Oncology, which helps oncologists capture, integrate, and provide data at the point of care and improve outcomes as well as assist doctors in alternative payment model reporting.

The Urology Group and Michigan Institute of Urology are two of the largest community urology practices in the US. Together, the groups are comprised of 85 physicians across 34 sites.

“The EHR is a critical technology for supporting both the quality and experience of care we deliver at The Urology Group,” said Gary Kirsh, MD, president of The Urology Group, in an email to JCP (October 31, 2018). “As the landscape shifts toward value-based care, new demands are placed on the EHR. It is no longer adequate to use the EHR for chart documentation alone; the EHR must become a critical tool which helps us implement care pathways and monitor best practice among our providers.”


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Among the components included in the EHR Solution for Urology are a clinical hub that provides visibility into a patient’s entire clinical record from one screen, built-in care pathway design and compliance tools, integration of clinical decision support tools directly into the point of care, and improved data sharing and interoperability.

“Integra Connect offers not only a urologist-led EHR solution that will provide the analytics we need to participate in value-based care, but the subject matter expertise to assist us in evaluating and implementing value-based care arrangements," Dr Kirsh continued.—Zachary Bessette

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