Elsevier to Integrate NCCN Guidelines Into Via Oncology Portal


The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines and Templates will be integrated into Via Oncology’s portal in 2019.

The NCCN Guidelines will also be used as a reference resource to develop and maintain Via Pathways.

The Via Portal will ultimately be updated to include 34 NCCN Guidelines for all Via Pathways diseases for medical oncology. The Portal will be enhanced in 2019 to include drugs and biologics recommendations for use when providers choose to treat patients off pathway.

“In supporting this agreement, both NCCN and Elsevier recognize the value of having evidence-based NCCN Guidelines recommendations at the point of care facilitated through technology to achieve the best outcomes for patients with cancer,” said Robert W Carlson, MD, chief executive officer, NCCN, in a press release (November 7, 2018).

The NCCN Templates are derived directly from the Guidelines and include chemotherapy and immunotherapy regimens with literature support, monitoring parameters, supportive care agents, and safety instructions. The Templates are designed to enhance patient safety by empowering health care providers to standardize patient care, reduce medical errors, and anticipate and manage adverse events.


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“We are pleased to be working with NCCN to strengthen our product for oncologists and patients with cancer,” said John Danaher, MD, president of clinical solutions, Elsevier. “When oncologists decide to divert from the generally accepted pathway because of their patient’s unique need, the Via Portal will provide additional decision support for assuring that the care plan matches up with the NCCN Guidelines and can be measured and tracked.”—Zachary Bessette