Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Ray Page, DO, PhD, medical oncologist and hematologist,The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (Fort Worth, TX) and Abby Wright, Senior Director of Reimbursement, Biodesix, regarding the importance of prognostic tests—such as Veristrat for lung cancer—in clinical pathways and in aiding achievement of quality measures in the Oncology Care Model. 
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Michael Kelley, MD, Director of the Veterans Affairs National Program for Medical Oncology, regarding the Precision Oncology Program, including updates in gene panel testing, clinical trial accessibility, and additional programs to improve oncology care for veterans.
Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Steve Miller, CMO, Express Scripts, regarding his thoughts on the recently approved gene therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the accompanying price tag of said therapy, and the challenges the health care system faces paying for gene therapies and making them accessible to patients.