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Next-Gen Clinical Decision Support App for Clinicians at the Point-of-Care

November 30, 2020


Winston Wong, PharmD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Clinical Pathways, interviews Yair Saperstein, MD, MPH, CEO, and Laurence Coman, MBA, COO, about their company, avoMD.

avoMD is an app-based platform for next-gen clinical guidelines and pathways being built by a team of physicians and informaticians from Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. The company transforms clinical guidelines into a simple, interactive mobile and desktop app so that organizations can ensure the practice of evidence-based medicine and enhance patient care.

In the second installment of this series, watch Dr Saperstein give a demonstration of how clinicians and institutions can utilize the avoMD platform.

Read the transcript.

For more information or any questions regarding avoMD, please contact Laurence Coman by email at or by phone at 631-786-3867.

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