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All4Cure: Patient Data Aggregate Platform for Collaborative Multiple Myeloma Care

March 05, 2021


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All4Cure is an online platform that visually captures patients’ cancer history by compiling medical records into a single comprehensive display. The platform brings together patients, clinicians, researchers, caregivers, and other clinic personnel, all as participants in the platform.

Tony Blau, MD, Founder and CEO, provides a demonstration of All4Cure, discusses the vision and need for the platform, and describes its ability to improve patient care. At the end, Winston Wong, PharmD, Editor-in-Chief of JCP, interviews Dr Blau about the platform and plans for the future.

This is the first of a three-part series where we will be exploring and learning about more about the All4Cure platform.

In the next installment, Dr Blau will be joined by David Hughes, BSN, Principal Machine Learning/Graph Data Engineer from Octave Bioscience, to dive deeper into the data, the research, and the technical implications of the platform. Coming soon!

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