Clinical Pathways Congress


September 8-10 marks the second annual Clinical Pathways Congress. Leading experts in pathway development, implementation, and evaluation will convene in Washington, DC to discuss these and other hot topics related to oncology clinical pathways. Individuals such as Gary H Lyman, MD, MPH, Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington, and Robert Daly, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, will provide essential tips and ideas about how to ensure that pathways are meeting the needs of patients, providers, and payers.

The meeting will feature sessions from prominent names in clinical pathways and oncology, including a keynote breast cancer clinical pathway committee development meeting headed by Bruce Feinberg, DO, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, a discussion on emerging treatments and pathways for the management of chronic lymphocytic leukemia led by Jennifer R Brown, MD, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and some pointers on the future direction of American Society of Clinical Oncology's (ASCO) policy on clinical pathways from Dr Daly and Robin T Zon, MD, FACP, FASCO, chair of the ASCO pathways taskforce.

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