The NCCN has updated their guideline for small cell lung cancer to include new recommendations for surveillance, systemic therapy, and radiation therapy. READ MORE

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While the issue of access involves many factors, the articles in this issue of Journal of Clinical Pathways focus on costs and physical location, or setting, of cancer treatment. READ MORE
JCP staff were on hand to cover the meeting and engage with stakeholders throughout the weekend. We encourage all who are able to attend next year’s CPC, which will be held October 26-28, 2018, in Boston, MA. READ MORE
Fumiko Chino, MD, Duke University Medical Center, describes the extent of cancer patients’ willingness to make major personal and financial sacrifices to receive optimal care. READ MORE
The Community Oncology Alliance and Journal of Clinical Pathways have joined in collaboration to keep JCP readers informed about news and research in the community oncology field, including available programs, research, and resources. READ MORE