Researchers evaluated the treatment regimens that patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma switched to after failure with a CD38-targeting monoclonal antibody. READ MORE

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The articles in this issue of JCP elaborate on ways to truly work together and learn from one another in this new age through shared experiences, novel partnerships, and candid discussions about care and patient values. READ MORE
This ESMO Annual Congress aims to bring together clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists, and the pharmaceutical industry from around the globe to learn about the latest advances in oncology and translate such progress into better cancer patient care. READ MORE
John Doyle, DrPH, MPH, IQVIA, discusses an evidence-based valuation model designed to not only estimate the value-based price range for new oncology therapies, but also to identify the crucial product attributes that drive value at the product and market level. READ MORE
We provide examples of novel and effective partnerships that have recently been established between health care providers, patients, commercial insurance companies, government entities, academic researchers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, local community organizations, and other stakeholders. READ MORE